Urbini Car Seat Review

Urbini is the exclusive stroller brand for Walmart, and it is manufactured by Goodbaby, the Chinese baby products behemoth that claims to be the world’s largest baby gear manufacturer. This article is about Urbini Sonti Car Seat Review 2022.

This is one of the safest infant car seats on the market! When compared to the best car seat manufacturers such as Britax, Chico, and other brands, Urbini may not be a well-known brand. But they do have some good products in their wardrobe.

Today, we’ll take a look at one of their best product. In this article, we will introduce The Urbini Sonti car seat to every parent which is an exclusively rear-facing car seat designed for infants. So before we make further late, let’s start the review part of this star-rating car seat.

Urbini Sonti Car Seat 

Imagine your child is growing and you need a car seat. You might have heard about Urbini Sonti and today’s recommendation is about this brand. The Urbini Sonti is considered the successor to the Petal, which was the company’s first mass-market seat under this Walmart-exclusive brand.

The Urbini Sonti car seat is easy to install, secure, and lightweight, and your infant can easily in and out of the car seat. The car seat features an extra-grip belt lock-off that eliminates unnecessary slack, while the four-position base accommodates every vehicle.

The car seat allows inexperienced parents to install it with ease. When you put your baby in the seat, the kid will keep snug and safe because of the soft textiles, five-point harness, and removable preemie insert.

Also, the Urbini Swiftli & Reversi strollers, and the Omni Plus and Emi travel systems, are suitable with the Sonti. Dear parents, don’t get confused about the car seat features because we are sharing the in-depth review with you all.

The Sonti’s big selling point is a 4-position adjustable “extra-grip” seat belt lock-off in the seat base. That’s what people love! It is recognized as a lightweight carrier of fewer than 8 lbs. and it has EPS foam, harness pads, and a removable preemie insert, while the base has a recline indicator and push-button lower anchor connectors.

Urbini Sonti Car Seat Review 2022

Urbini Sonti Car Seat

All of them are unique features that come in expensive type car seats. We have mentioned that the Urbini Sonti offers a lower harness slot for small children and three crotch belt options.

There is a negative part which is u unlike the Petal, the Sonti cannot be used with “European belt path” connectivity when installed without the base. And the car seat has not yet been crash-tested by the Customers mentioned the product as a good one.

It is a little tricky to find the right car seat when your kid started to grow. The Urbini Sonti Car Seat is a fantastic and affordable price car seat that we are recommending.

What you will definitely love is that this car seat is best for rear-facing babies with a weight limit of 4-35lbs and a height limit of up to 32 inches. You will also love the lightweight and easy-to-buckle and unbuckle system.

The hip straps allow an outer, middle, and inner position. Let’s check out the size recommendation.

  • Outer: Larger, 20-35lbs
  • Middle: Newborn & Medium, 6-20lbs
  • Inner: Preemie, 4-6lbs

The shoulder straps can be moved to positions 1,2,3 or 4. The weight recommendation is:

  • Position 1: Preemie, 4-6lbs
  • # 2: Newborn, 6-11lbs
  • Position 3: Medium, 11-20lbs
  • # 4: Larger, 20-35lbs

The crotch strap can be adjusted to the rear, middle, or front position. Let’s check out the proper crotch strap positioning for your child’s weight:

  • Rear: Preemie & Newborn, 4-11lbs
  • Middle: Medium, 11-20lbs
  • Front: Larger, 20-35lbs


  • Lightweight design
  • Rear-facing only, for newborns 4-35 lbs up to 32″
  • 5-point harness with comfort pads
  • Removable preemie insert
  • Energy-absorbing foam surround
  • Contoured body support
  • Compatible with: Reversi Swiftli, Omni Plus Strollers
  • FVSS213 Tested
  • Side-impact and Crash Tested
  • Model# 25HB2Y-BLKU.

Urbini Car Seat Compatibility

The Urbini Sonti car seat is only compatible with Urbini travel systems and strollers, and it will also be perfect with the base that comes with the car seat. There are no existing adapters for the Urbini Sonti that enable it to connect to strollers or travel systems provided by other manufacturers. Additionally, the Urbini Sonti will only work with the base that is provided.

Urbini Car Seat Base Compatibility

If you want to install your car seat with a base, then the Urbini Sonti seat can only be used with the Urbini Sonti manufactured base. It is incompatible with any other base made by any other car seat brand. The Sonti carrier can also be installed without the base in a car.

Urbini Sonti Car Seat Review 2022

Urbini Sonti Car Seat Installation

The car seat installation is easy and you can complete the task very easily and you can do it with or without the base. The brand will share the manual with the car seat as well as share excellent diagrams and instructions.

The car seat has lower anchor connectors with a simple push-button design if you’re using the base and LATCH system. If you want to use your seatbelt, it is also simple and secure to install. This Urbini Sonti also has an extra grip belt lock-off on the base. You don’t have to worry about the seat belt lock system.

The base lock-off unlocks and opens, and allows you to pass your fully extended seat belt through. Then you have to fasten the belt, then take out all the slack, and close the lock. Without the base, simply follow the seat belt line on the vehicle seat, which is easily identified. After buckling it, tighten the seatbelt.

LATCH Installation Process

1. Place the LATCH belt through the lock-off and through the latch line
2. Attach the LATCH connectors to the anchors with the base on the car
3. Push down on the base and remove all slack from the LATCH strap
4. Put the free end of the LATCH strap back through the lock-off and tighten the lock-off
5. Verify to see whether the base moves more than an inch in any manner.

Seat Belt Installation with the Base

1. Fasten the seat belt and route the lap/shoulder belt through the recommended route
2. When you pull down on the base, pull all the slack from the attached belt
3. Attach the lock-off over the seat belt and tighten it
4. Check that the base is secure and does not move more than one inch in any way.

Seat Belt Installation without the Base

1. Place the lap belt in the specified belt guide on each side of the car seat
2. Fasten the shoulder belt strap against the car seat
3. Fasten the seat belt and remove all slack when you are moving down on the car seat
4. Make sure you double-check that the car seat is securely fastened and does not move more than one inch in any area.

Urbini Petal Car Seat 

The Urbani Patel car seat is no longer available. A new name in the market of car seats took in February 2014. In this car seat, the Seat Belt Lockoff is a fantastic addition to the base because it prevents the need to lock the seat belt, which is required in some other rear-facing-only installations.

The car seat  Petal’s two-position adjustable crotch strap (4.5′′, 6.5′′), two-position adjustable hip harness, and 4 adjustable height positions make it an incredibly versatile seat that will fit a wide range of kids.

The seat can be reclined based on vehicle slope using an adjustable reclining foot. It just has two positions, but they do offer you to employ a tightly rolled towel to get the appropriate recline if you’re having difficulty in your car.

The Urbani Petel Car Seat offers Euro belt routing which is unique to the Urbini Sonti. This is a seat belt routing method that is used in a number of rear-facing only seats.

When a seat is installed without a base, the shoulder belt is routed behind the seat rather than against it. This also helps rotation and achieves a more secure attachment.

Urbini Sonti Car Seat Review 2022

Urbini Petal Car Seat

The use of an infant insert and a preemie pillow can also assure a perfect fitting for a little kid. These can be used when the infant is in the bottom two harness positions. You will see the preemie cushion is designed for kids weight less than 6 pounds.

The seat may be used with both smaller and larger infants because of the two harness adjustment loops. Most higher-weight child seats have this function available that indicates the car seat is perfect for tiny babies and growing youngsters as well. But we have found one thing which is with bigger infants the velcro can snag on the back or it may possibly rub the neck.

The car seat latch is positioned on the base instead of the car seat to make the seat easier to carry. So you can consider this as a good carrier as well!

The only drawback is that there are two metal rods on the back of the seat that allows it to connect to the base. And yeah, when connecting the harness, make sure the straps are folded inside the metal bars.


  • Fantastically thick EPS foam lining the seat
  • 4 harness slot positions
  • 2 crotch strap/buckle positions
  • Removable infant insert
  • Preemie insert for infants under 6 lbs.
  • 2 recline angles on base: one for 4-20 lbs., one for 20-35 lbs.
  • Built-in lock-off on base
  • Clip-on style lower LATCH connectors
  • Carrier can be installed Euro-style without base
  • FAA approved for use on aircraft
  • 6 yr lifespan before seat expires.

Petal Measurements

  • Harness slots: 6”, 7 ¾”, 9 ½”, 11 ¼”
  • External widest point (at handle): 16 ¾”
  • Width of the base at belt path: 13 ½”
  • Width of the base at widest point: 14 ¼”
  • Internal shell height: 20”
  • Crotch strap depth: 4”, 6”
  • Seat depth: 12”
  • Carrier weight: 7.5 lbs.

Urbini Sonti Car Seat Review 2022

Urbini Car Seat Cleaning

We recommend you should wipe the seat shell and harness with a wet towel. Remember, the harness straps should not be wet or soaked or it may reduce the durability. Do not clean it with chlorine or other abrasive cleaners.

Clean the buckle by soaking it in warm water until it becomes completely clean. It’s crucial to check because it could collect dirt, food, and debris. Make sure you avoid using detergents or lubricants.

In 2015, the Urbini Sonti was founded for the first time. They have a six-year expiration date, as far as we know.

Urbini Sonti Car Seat Review 2022

The manufacturing and validity dates can be seen on the car seat label and in the instruction manual. For warranty information, call 1-888-569-7288 or use the Urbini brand’s easy contact form at https://urbinibaby.com/contact-us/.

They have a solid reputation for delivering high-quality strollers and car seats. So we hope they will solve every single problem and they have proper warranty service, good fabric quality, an infant insert, color selections, and other great features.

So that’s all about the Urbini Car Seat for kids. We hope you get enough information and the perfect review part from us. Now you have all the ideas about the Urbiniu car seat.

If you are searching for an Urbini car seat then we are happy for sharing our reviews on your desired car seats. Buy this product from the market and keep your kid safe and make yourself tension free!

Q. Is Urbini a good car seat?

Ans. Of course, Urbini car seats are great! They have an excellent reputation in the car seat products market. but if you compare the brand with Britax or Chicco then they need to improve their products more.

Yes, they are a good brand but they have some products that got a c grade review by the parents. but overall their products are fine and you can buy their car seats or strollers to keep your kid safe from any injury. If you are looking for high-quality car seat products then you can opt for Britax or Chicco.

Q. Is Urbini car seat FAA approved?

Ans. Urbini car seats are certified car seat products. Yes, Urbini car seats are FAA Approved and they are completely safe.

If you check out the product label, you will notice they have mentioned that the car seat is FAA Certified. So you are always welcome to buy their products.

Q. What brand of infant car seat is the safest?

Ans. When it’s a matter of buying kid’s products then you should consider their safety first. And if you are looking for the best infant car seats that are safest then take a look at our mentioned car seat products.

First of all, we recommend the Chicco KeyFit 30, which is regarded as one of the best car seats for 2021 due to its excellent safety rating, ease of installation, and because of affordable price. Except for this one, you can take a look at Peg Perego Primo Viaggio, UPPAbaby MESA, Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30, Britax B-Safe 35, Evenflo LiteMax 35, or the Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35.

Q. Can any car seat fit on a Urbini stroller?

Ans. Urbini Strollers have a great reputation because they are manufactured properly. They have lightweight strollers for the kids and for everyday use. But unfortunately, it will not fit on any convertible car seats.

We’ve found that car seats with a base of 14.5 inches or less fit nicely. So that is why the Urbini stroller will not fit on every car seat. You have to pick the car seat that fits the stroller. Though we haven’t tested the Urbani, it should fit well if it’s a standard car seat.

Q. What car seat can I use with the Urbini stroller?

Ans. If you want to buy an Urbini car seat, then you should take a look at the flexible travel system car seat by Urbini. They will be great for your kids.

The Evenflo Urbini Omni Plus Modular Travel System features six effective modes of operation. It’s a Lite Max Infant Car Seat and Base, that comes with the car seat and stroller, and the product contains parent and child-friendly features.