Combi Cocorro Review

Hola! Welcome back to the review time! Today’s article is about Combi Cocorro Convertible Car Seat Review 2022. We all know kids grow so faster! so we have to be conscious about the kid’s product we use. Today we come up with something unique and lovely! 

We recommend buying a convertible car seat can be a lifesaver! Convertible car seats can help you save money by growing with your child, and having a good car seat is an essential step in keeping your child safe. and we suggest buying New Combi Coccoro Convertible Car Seat! We hope every single feature will be a love to you! It’s a gift from Combi USA. 

Now, let’s meet up with this multitalented convertible car seat that will put a smile on your baby’s face! Hope you will fall in love with the review. 

Combi Cocorro Convertible Car Seat

Choosing the right ideal car seat can be a little tricky when you have a healthy, full-term baby in a large vehicle with seating for three across. However, if you have a smaller child or multiples, such as twins or triplets, you will be even more perplexed during the purchasing time of an infant car seat! So we come up with an excellent convertible car seat which is Combi Cocorro Convertible Car Seat.

Combi Cocorro Car Seat is a lightweight and compact convertible car seat that is appropriate for smaller vehicles. In vehicles like the Toyota Corolla, three Coccoro seats can be installed in the backseat. 

This lovely car seat comes in 5 gorgeous colors that include Cherry Pie, Chestnut, Grape, Key Lime, and Licorice. You’ll be happy to see how adorable your little one will look in this car seat!

The buckle with an indicator that provides a visual cue, when the harness is properly secured.

You will get 5-point harness slots and harness pads/padding, Tru-Safe Buckle, forward and rear-facing lock-offs, energy-absorbing foam or EPS foam, and four height positions to ensure that your child is safe and comfortable.

Then an adjustable infant insert can also be adjusted to your child’s recommended 45-degree angle. You will love the washable seat cushion, shoulder belt retainers, and single-pull adjustable harness system. 

Combi Coccoro uses Tru-Safe Side Impact Protection. Deep side walls and an energy-absorbing foam layer help to channel crash energy away from your kid’s neck, head, and spine. Smaller children can benefit from the removable infant insert, which offers proper positioning and comfort.

The Coccoro Convertible Car Seat was developed to fit into tight places. The Cocorro’s 15.5-inch width allows this to fit into narrower places and smaller cars.

Then the ease of installation makes everything easy and quick!  This convertible seat is FAA certified.  Make your travel convenient with this amazing car seat! This car seat is also popular because it is one of the few travel seats available in the market! 

Yes, we have mentioned a lot of things already but still, we have some other things to share! May be we forgot to mention that they have a premium push-button LATCH connector. Altogether all the features make this car seat extremely trustworthy, long-lasting, and convenient. 

Your kid will be comfortable on road trips and say thank you to the removable infant support cushions that ensure that your children are properly positioned and protected. When the kid will be old enough to no longer need the newborn pillows, you can simply take them away. There is sad news that the infant car seat does not have sunshades and cup holders. But nothing is perfect in this world! 

Oh! sorry for not mentioning that the Coccoro has a tether connector strap for rear-facing tethering. The Combi Cocorro car seat can hold a baby or toddler weighing 3 to 33 pounds in the rear-facing position and 20 to 40 pounds in the forward-facing position.

As a result, your children’s minimum height is 19 inches, and their maximum height is 40 inches. So buy this product before checking all these important facts.  


  • Fairly easy to secure child (Used 8-lb. GHRI test dummy)
  • Has a lock-off for rear- and forward-facing mode
  • Fairly easy to tighten and loosen the harness
  • Buckle has a red and green indicator, so you can determine when it’s locked
  • Clear instruction manual
  • Machine washable


  • There’s only a line to indicate when the seat is at the correct angle
  • The harness has to be rethreaded to adjust the height
  • No angle adjusters
  • The car seat cover is hard to remove.

Why You Will Love this Car Seat

The car seat has some special features that will make you fall in love with this star rating kid’s product. The car seat has some excellent safety features! Let’s share those unique characteristics! 

  • Rear-facing tether
  • SafeGuard® LATCH connectors
  • Tru-Safe® Side Impact Protection (SIP)
  • Rear-facing and forward-facing lock-offs
  • Single-pull adjustable five-point harness with padding
  • Tru-Safe® Buckle. 

CSFTL Quick Stats

  • Rear-facing weight requirements:  3-33 lbs (some versions are 5 lbs)
  • Rear-facing height requirements: 19-36″ (older versions had no lower height limit)
  • Forward-facing weight requirements: 20-40 lbs
  • Forward-facing height requirements: up to 40″
  • Lowest harness position: 8″
  • Highest harness position: 15″
  • Shell height: 22″
  • Expiration: 7 years
  • Lower anchor weight limit: 40 lbs.

Combi Coccoro Car Seat Installation Process

Rear-Facing Installation

The Combi Coccoro car seat allows rear-facing from 3-33 lbs, up to 36″. The seat is ideal for premature infants because of the low beginning weight and the structure of the kid’s insert. One of the few convertible seats that can hold even the smallest infants.

Two loops at the end of the harness allow you to adjust the length of the harness. For tiny newborns, the harness can be placed on the shorter loops for a snug fit, and for young kids, it can be moved out to the bigger loops.

According to the instructions, the infant insert is required until the child weighs 25 pounds. It was required in pearlier editions until the user reached the weight of 15 pounds. Always try to follow the instructions or if you have any queries, you can call the Combi brand as well. 

The Combi Coccoro’s circular base is both good and bad! It is effortless to alter to reach the right angle for an infant, but it can be hard to protect in position. When using the seat, you will see a line on the side that must be parallel to the ground. For the single angle, the short shell offers it a compact solution for small cars.

If you are looking for the easiest way to secure rear-facing installation then stand at the head of the seat and push the Combi Coccoro into the car seat back with the hips while tightening the seat belt or lower anchor strap.

At the belt line, the seat should move less than an inch from side to side. This can be used to install a lower anchor or a seat belt. During the seat belt installation, the Coccoro is unique because the offers European belt routing.

So it indicates that the shoulder belt is wrapped around the back of the seat to help with rotation management during any kind of accidental situation. The shoulder belt simply rests against the car seat back if the seat belt is not long enough or if you don’t want to install it this way.

Then there’s the included rear-facing lock-off, which is installed on the lap-shoulder belt’s shoulder section. If the car’s seat belts do not lock, a lock-off can be used in place of the seat belt’s locking mechanism.

Rear-Facing Tethering

You should use the top tether when a child is rear-facing in the car seat. To complete the task, loop the enclosing D-ring around a fixed metal element of the floor generally the leg of one of the front seats. Then secure the upper tether by pulling it tight.

Verify if your car has any limitations on this type of tethering. Check if you see any restriction regarding advanced airbags from storing anything behind the front seats. Many car manufacturers restrict rear-facing tethering. So, don’t forget to. follow the instructions. 

Forward Facing Installation

Now it’s time to share the forward-facing installation process! The car seat allows forward-facing from 20-40 lbs up to 40 inches and has 15″ top harness slots. As the car seat has a low-top harness position, most of the children outgrow the Coccoro forward-facing by the age of 3. 

The Combi Coccoro is best used as a rear-facing seat. This car seat can be put forward-facing with either the lower anchors or the seat belt and the tether, just like it can be installed rear-facing. It is necessary to use the tether as it can considerably lower the risk of injuries during an accident.

When you use the front-facing, the Coccoro additionally includes seat belt lock-offs. The forward-facing lock-off is incorporated into the seat and is simple to install: simply tighten the seat belt, thread the shoulder belt through the lock off, and close. You are Done! 

That’s all about Combi Cocorro Review 2022. We have shared a complete review of this lovely convertible infant seat. If you read the entire Combi Coccoro Review then you must have enough idea about this kid’s product.

If you are looking for any car seat that can be great for your kid and perfect for your small vehicle seat we highly recommend Combi Cocorro Convertible Car Seat. No doubt, This is the perfect car seat for parents. Buy this car seat product for the perfect safety, secure installation, and obviously for the best comfort zone! 

Q. Is Combi Coccoro Car Seat good?

Ans. Yes, the Combi Coccoro car seat is unique and one of the best products by this brand. The car seat has some excellent features. 

The Car Seat is a small vehicle-friendly convertible car seat that is a lightweight and compact seat. Three Coccoro seats can be fitted in the backseat of vehicles such as the Toyota Corolla.

 The product is available in 5 gorgeous colors that include Cherry Pie, Chestnut, Grape, Key Lime, and Licorice. To ensure that your child is safe and comfortable, the product has 5-point harness slots and harness pads/padding, Tru-Safe Buckle, forward and rear-facing lock-offs, energy-absorbing foam, or EPS foam, and four height adjustments.

Q. What is included with the Combi Coccoro Convertible Car Seat?

Ans. Combi Coccoro Convertible Car Seat is a great option for every parent and kid. When you have a small vehicle, we highly suggest buying this car seat model. This car seat features a lot of excellent things that you will definitely love. 

The Combi Convertible Car Seat features a removable infant positioner that offers ideal support and positioning of the head and neck. You will also get some unique features as well!

You will get a Rear-facing tether, SafeGuard® LATCH connectors, Tru-Safe® Side Impact Protection (SIP), Rear-facing and forward-facing lock-offs, a Single-pull adjustable five-point harness with padding, and Tru-Safe® Buckle as well. Then the replacement parts, such as a chest clip, fabric cover, tether strap, and rear-facing lock-off can be purchased separately from the manufacturer.

Q. What happened to Combi Coccoro?

Ans. Combi USA is committed to making sure the safety and comfort of you and your baby. The Coccoro convertible car seats manufactured between January 2009 and June 2016 are being recalled by Combi.

When fastened with a lap belt and used forward-facing, the affected seats may not properly protect the kid from crash forces. Parents who have seats that are affected should contact Combi for a solution. So, that they can solve the problem.

Q. What is the slimmest convertible car seat?

Ans. There are some excellent slim convertible car seats available in the market. Among them, we have picked up the best of all. Let’s discover the names of the best and slimmest convertible car seats

The slimmest convertible car seats are Clek Liing Infant Car Seat (16.9″ wide), Nuna Pipa Infant Car Seat (17″ wide), Chicco Fit2 Infant Car Seat (17″ wide), Graco Snugride Snuglock 35 Infant Car Seat (17″ wide), Cybex Aton 2 Infant Car Seat (17.3″ wide), Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat (17″ wide), Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4/35 Infant Car Seat (17″ wide), and UppaBaby Mesa Infant Car Seat (17″ wide). All of them are the slimmest and best quality infant car seats. 

Q. What is a Combi stroller?

Ans. A stroller is a little carriage with wheels that is used to carry a baby or child. A stroller is the easiest mode of travel for a kid. 

The Combi Fold N Go Stroller is a lightweight, small, and portable stroller that offers maximum flexibility. This is a self-standing stroller that has a sleek aluminum frame and a one-hand easy fold. You will see a  5-point harness system with plush harness pads in the padded seat for your children’s comfort.