How to Keep Car Seat Cool

When you have kids, you have to take the parenthood responsibilities. The infant car seat is a great part of every parent during any journey and before that, you need to know How to Keep Car Seat Cool. This article is about Best Tips About How To Keep Car Seat Cool 2022.

The summertime is here! When you buy a car seat, you should know how to make the infant car seat cool during the hot weather. Make your car seat cooler from any summertime problems and keep your kid safe just by following some best tips.

If you have young children and car seats for them, then this article will be very much effective for you. Keep your kid stay cool in the car seat just by following our given tips. We hope our tips will keep your kid comfortable during the whole hot summer!

Keep Baby Cool in Car Seat

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Car seats are nowadays substantially padded to offer better protection from front, rear, and side impacts. Seats are now becoming significantly ‘deeper’. That means that infants are safer during their travel than before, but the problem is heat absorption.

This is particularly the case in rear-facing infant car seats, where the air conditioning is unable to reach the kid directly, leading to a red-faced, sweaty, and screaming baby. That’s horrible!

Car seat manufacturers are completely aware of keeping the car seats cool, and therefore they have produced ‘premium’ versions of car seats as an upgrade to the standard model, with apparently more breathable fabric.

When these qualities surely contribute to a more comfortable trip for the children in the rear seat, there is more we can do to keep the child cool in the car seat during the summer weather.

When your kid is sweaty, keeping the sweaty baby comfortable for a long time can be a mess and problematic. So with this situation, you should now keep your kid in the infant carrier car seat for a long time. The most important thing you can do to keep your kids cool throughout the summer is to keep them hydrated. That’s what we call the simple solution!

Risk of Overheating

When you keep your baby kid in a car seat, make sure you are conscious of the heat of summer time. Overheating is a problem that can cause very serious harm to your child. Even in the cooler months, if you’re not careful, your kid can overheat.

So the internal temperature of your infant should be between 98 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This will be a comfortable temperature or cool temperature for the kid. You have to determine the kid’s temperature by checking the nape of their neck.

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Determine whether their cheeks are flushed and if they are breathing fast, though these are also signs of overheating. Remember, if you feel too hot then your kid will feel the same. So always be conscious of the overheating issue.

Best Ways To Keep Your Kids Cool In The Car

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Sorry if we talked about overheating a lot! Now let us share some effective and easiest ways to keep the children cool in the car. The best solution to avoid overheating is to avoid being in a warm environment. So, if you can, use the air conditioning or AC on to keep the environment cool when you’re in the car.

Try to dress the child in a weather-appropriate outfit. While it may be easy to wrap a baby in a blanket when out, this is the reason for quick overheating.

If it’s 75 degrees outside and your mother-in-law keeps putting a hat on your kid because the kid looks nice with that, it’s completely a wrong decision! Because it will make your kid’s head much hotter than before.

So do what is comfortable for your kid. You can try to use cooling towels whenever possible. Cooling clothes are useful when you’re in a hurry and they may help your infant calm down easily. It can help your kid for lowering body temperature and avoiding overheating. And remember, cooling cloths should never be put underneath the harness.

Best Tips About How To Keep Car Seat Cool 2022

Best Ways To Keep Your Kids Cool In The Car

Block the Sun 

Sun protection is an important issue to keep yourself safe from direct sunlight or bright sunlight that is harmful. There are so many ways you can use to block the sun from heating the car interior too much. Window Tint is a part to block the sun properly.

Window tinting is not only a good option, but it also gives extra privacy for drivers and passengers. It can also protect your car’s interior from hazardous UV rays and it will keep the temperature cooler and low. Additionally, during any event of an accident, a tinted window can keep the broken glass from flying inside your car.

The temperature inside your vehicle might be reduced by up to 70% with window tinting.  If you decide to tint your windows, make sure you know the law of window tinting.

Sunshades with Reflective Surfaces

Reflective Sun shades that reflect light can be an effective way to block the sun. Reflective seat sunshade comes in a variety of types.

You can choose from a variety of forms, such as the accordion-style, in which they fold open like an accordion and are put on the front windshield. The sun’s rays are reflected away from the reflective surface, lowering internal temperatures.

Then, the mesh sunshades, which attach to the side windows and help block the sun while driving, are another choice that you can pick. Though sunglasses are useful for keeping the strong sun out of your eyes, they can reduce the view out the window.

But if the driver needs to change the parking spot or change lanes, this can be a problematic part. And the solar/reflective car covers can also be used to keep the sun off the vehicle. Reflective car covers can help to keep your car cool when it’s parked if you don’t have entry to the garage.

They are almost the same as the accordion-style sunshade, except they cover the entire car. You can call this the most time-consuming idea you can ever use to block the sun properly.

Best Tips About How To Keep Car Seat Cool 2022

Car Seat in Light Color

This is a true fact that cars with a lighter interior have an advantage. The same thing works in the time of any car seat products as well. If you are looking for a car seat for your kid then we recommend choosing a seat with light-colored fabric. They will be the best solution during the hot summer month! Because darker colors will absorb more heat than lighter colors.

The temperature inside a black vehicle seat can reach 192 degrees Fahrenheit. You will get some car seats that are available with moisture-wicking fabric and they can help in the control of sweating and body temperature.

The Noggle 

The noggle is another idea that you can use to block the sun and overheating problems. The Noggle may be connected to your car’s air vent and delivered into the back seat. The AC will successfully keep your kid well.

Noggle is available for both forward-facing and rear-facing newborns. Also, they are available in 6-foot and 10-foot lengths. this is a great advantage because you can select the one that can be best fits your car’s interior.

Best Tips About How To Keep Car Seat Cool 2022

The Noggle

They are effortless to remove and install that might be used with both heat and air conditioning. We have found only one disadvantage which is if you have a front-seat passenger, it may get in the line. But, that’s not a big deal.

Place your car in the shade.

Keep your car in the shaded area if it is possible. Though it is not always possible, you should try to park in a shady spot whenever possible to avoid your car becoming a sauna. To keep your car out of the sun, it’s worth walking a bit further.

Slightly Open Windows

This is normal that heat builds up in the car, especially if it’s parked in direct sunshine, so it’s better to keep the windows slightly open to let the heat out and avoid returning to an overheated car. To let the heat flow, leave all of your car’s windows open.

As soon as you start your car, try to open all of the windows. You might be thinking that it’s not that important but it is necessary to open up the window or the car may be overheated.

This is particularly necessary if you’re turning on the air conditioner, as there’s proof that if you switch on the air conditioner right after getting into a locked car, dangerous chemicals may be generated.

So it’s better to be safe by following the right idea. Additionally, opening your windows for a few minutes will allow heat to escape, and also allows the A/C to cool down the car more quickly.

You can use window shades to overcome the overheating problem and keep the car seat cool during any journey. During the summer, if the car seat is placed next to a window, it will definitely be very hot, therefore the window shades will help to keep it cooler.

Best Tips About How To Keep Car Seat Cool 2022

Window shades can also be helpful for protecting from the sun. It will keep your kid’s faces secure from any sun damage when they’re in the car. So, getting a shade in the car will keep everything cool.

Nowadays, car seat manufacturers have created a lot of designing car seat covers. We also recommend using a car seat cover. For example, suppose you live in a place where the fabric of your vehicle seat always gets hot and the window shades aren’t helping! In that case, a car seat cover can be used to keep the sun rays from heating up the car seat.

Try to use these covers when your kid is not in the car. Alternatively, you can easily cover it with a towel to protect it. You can select from a variety of car seat covers. Such as:

  • The car seat covers are designed for booster seats with a high back
  • The car seat covers are intended for use with convertible car seats
  • Purchase the one designed for infant car seats.

Avoid Traveling During Hot Temperature

Most of the time your kid becomes overheated between the hours of 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. sun is nearest to the earth during these hours of the day. They are not only the warmest hours of the day, but the time is also most sensitive to sunburn. Though you cannot always avoid the afternoon visit, so we suggest, traveling in the morning or at night.

Products That Keep Your Kid Cool

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So, we took a lot of time discussing how to keep the car seat cool so that the child feels safe and comfortable. Now, l et’s look at several options for keeping your child cool.  Before that let us suggest one important thing first!

If you want your car seat to be safe and cool all the time then try to avoid putting anything between your child’s back and the seat. We’ve created a collection of the best baby products that can help to keep your child cool on any outing.

If you’re looking for a car seat and live in a place where the environment is too hot in the summer, then we recommend you all buy a cool flow car seat. You can buy Britax cool flow car seats. why this one? Can you guess?

Because they use a special mesh fabric that helps to keep your child’s back aired while keeping the car seat cool. Also, these car seats include ClickTight technology, ensuring that they are always properly installed.

Britax cool flow car seats are available in three main configurations: baby, convertible, and booster. So you have options! Buy any of them and keep everything cool!

Best Tips About How To Keep Car Seat Cool 2022

You can get a soft-bladed spray fan or a standard fan that can be helpful to keep the car and child cool. This is more recommended for toddlers and older children.

Britax One4Life ClickTight All-in-One Car Seat, Cool Flow Teal
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  • 10 years of use: One4Life convertible to booster car seat grows with your child from 5 – 120 lbs and up to 63” in height
  • Cool Flow Mesh Fabric improves air flow to keep your child cool and comfortable
  • ClickTight Installation. Install with confidence, every time. You’ll know it’s right in just 3 easy steps: Pinch to open. Thread & buckle. Click it closed.
  • 15-Position, Quick-Adjust Headrest & Harness create the proper fit as your child grows.

They can stay cool by turning the fan towards them. But it is not ideal for children to have anything that could move and damage them in the case of an accident. We recommend turning on the fan as soon as they get in the car and turning it off once you’re on the road.

You can also use a car seat cooler. This is related to a specific ice pack that you can put on top of your car seat once the child has been removed. If the temperature inside your car rises to unsafe levels, still this thing will keep the car seat cool.

You can simply remove the cooler and set your children in the cool car seat when you return to your vehicle. you have to be careful and you have to check to see your kid does not sit on top of the cooler.

Another thing is you can carry a spray bottle of water in your hand. When you’re just getting back into the car, this is great! When they’re in the car seat waiting for the air conditioning to set, I spray their face. Done!

Best Tips About How To Keep Car Seat Cool 2022

Best Cooling Car Seat Covers

Well, let us suggest to you some excellent car seat options that you can buy from the market. Those car seats will be cool during any journey in the summer time as well as they will keep your infant cool too.

Keep your kid safe from the hot summer temperatures by following our guidelines. So if you are thinking about buying a good car seat to keep everything cool then you can check out:

Cooling Infant Car Seats

  • Chicco KeyFit Zip Air
  • Britax B-Safe Gen2 CoolFlow
  • Evenflo LiteMax DLX FreeFlow
  • Safety 1st onBoard 35 LT Comfort Cool
Britax One4Life ClickTight All-in-One Car Seat, Cool Flow Teal
  • Converts from a rear-facing infant seat (5- 50lb) to a forward-facing 5-point harness seat (22-65 lbs) to a high-back belt-positioning booster seat (40- 120lb).
  • 10 years of use: One4Life convertible to booster car seat grows with your child from 5 – 120 lbs and up to 63” in height
  • Cool Flow Mesh Fabric improves air flow to keep your child cool and comfortable
  • ClickTight Installation. Install with confidence, every time. You’ll know it’s right in just 3 easy steps: Pinch to open. Thread & buckle. Click it closed.
  • 15-Position, Quick-Adjust Headrest & Harness create the proper fit as your child grows.

Cooling Convertible and All-in-One Car Seats

  • Britax One4Life CoolFlow
  • Chicco Nextfit Max Zip Air
  • Chicco Fit4 Adapt
  • Evenflo Symphony FreeFlow
  • Graco SlimFit3 LX
  • Safety 1st Grow and Go Comfort Cool

Cooling Combination Car Seats (Forward-Facing + Booster)

  • Chicco MyFit Air
  • Britax Grow With You CoolFlow
  • Graco Tranzitions SnugLock
  • WAYB Pico (forward-facing only)

Cooling Booster Seats

  • Chicco KidFit Adapt Plus
  • Britax HighPoint CoolFlow

So, that’s all about today’s article. We hope you understand the proper tips for How to Keep Car Seat Cool. So keep your baby comfortable during the summer and keep them safe from the risk of heat rash, heat exhaustion, SIDS, and other complications just by following our given tips.

Follow our given guidelines and keep the car seat as well as the kid cool during any journey. Just say goodbye to the hot summer day and stay cool all the time.

Q. Why does the kid sweat so much? 

Ans. Kids sweat to regulate their body temperature. Even though their bodies are still developing, infants’ head and neck sweat glands are completely established. This helps them stay cool during the summer, especially when their small body has a tough time keeping a stable temperature.

Most of the time, an infant is sweating indicates that they are overheated and trying to cool down. Always be careful about this part!  It can occasionally be a sign of a more problematic condition, such as hyperhidrosis, congenital heart defects, respiratory problems, or thyroid difficulties. So, take care of your children properly.

Q. How to stop the kid from sweating in the car seat?

If you want to keep your child cool in the car seat throughout the summer, you can use the tips we’re about to share. There are multiple ways for keeping your kid cool in the car seat.

You may cool the car seat by increasing airflow in the rear seat, you can always be careful about the car temperature, you can use a car seat cover, you can turn the ac on, you can block the sun by using reflective sunshades, or you can use some other effective tips that we have mentioned above.

Q. How can I make my car seat cooler? 

Solfres Hydro Gel Car Seat Cooler Mat for Baby. No Refrigeration Needed. Carseat and Stroller Cooling Pad Cushion Liner with Breathable 3D Mesh Anti-Slip Back. for Kids Toddlers 0-1 Yr 12-48 Months
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  • Soft & Comfy √ Cool but not too cold. It covers with a silky feel fabric, cool to the touch, soft to sit on. Breathable 3D mesh accelerates heat dissipation, keeps baby cool from hot car seat. No more sweaty back again!
  • Easy & Convenient √ No refrigeration necessary. Puts on and off a car seat or stroller easily without having to detach the seat belts. Easy wipe clean. Comes with a carry bag to keep and take wherever you go.
  • Universal Design √ Works on both rear-facing and front-facing car seats. Compatible with most brand’s infant carriers and car seats for babies/ toddlers/ kids age from 1 to 4. It’s also ideal for strollers or high chairs in warm weather.
  • Tested Safe √ Premium mesh material on the back enhances grip on the car seat to prevent it from slipping off. Leak-proof seal locks Hydro Gel in place. Even if the cover is cut open by sharp object, the non-toxic Hydro Gel is safe to touch and keeps dry.

Ans. If you want to make your car seat cooler, you can follow a few effective ideas during any journey. You don’t have to do a lot to keep the car seat cool. You can easily do it!

To make the car sea cooler you can block the sun. Try to consider getting your windows tinted. Try to pick the light color car seat because the light is better than the dark. You can make your kid help to sweat because sweating is good. but make sure the kid is not sweating too much.

You can also use evaporative cooling towels to keep everything cool. You can use a car seat sunshade or car seat covers or you can also try the noggle.

Q. How can I keep my infant safe from the sun in the car seat?

Ans. Sometimes direct sunlight can make your kid ill. Summertime sunshine that is overly strong and hot can also cause hazardous illnesses. For protecting the kid from the sun, you can cover the car seat or stroller that you are using presently.

We recommend purchasing a sun canopy or protection to keep everything cool. When out for a walk, you also may put a lightweight blanket over your stroller or car seat to shield the sun. Simply make sure your kid stays cool and gets lots of fresh air.

Q. Do leather car seats absorb sweat?

Ans. Yes, sweat is absorbed by leather vehicle seats. Sweat is absorbed into the upper layers of leather seats, specifically around the stitching part.

Sweat salts are absorbed by the leather which causes it to crack and split. Fats in the Sweats oxidize and ultimately resulting in discoloration and fading. So when you choose a leather car seat, make sure you care about the fact.